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360 Pop Culture in Conversation with: Bizzonthetrack

Growing up in Oshodi, Lagos, Bisi Kuti also known as Bizzonthetrack has been able to develop his unique way of making music and his growth has been discovered based on his discography. Even as a new artist, he has seven bodies of work. 360 pop culture had a sit-down interview with Bisi Kuti last week Thursday to understand the idea behind his music creation.

A Review Of Bisi Kuti EP

On this project, Bizzonthetrack proves once again that he is one to watch out for. Over the last few years , Bizz has established himself as an emerging act who is willing and ready to put in the work. Bizz is not in search of a quick hit, rather he makes music that resonates and Bisi Kuti proves this much.

Who is Bizzonthetrack?

Bizzonthetrack is a Unique artist in his own ways, and it is evident in all his releases. If given a listen, i know you will fall in love with his sound and his songs are good fit for any occassion you are airing.